Blueline Krav Maga is the official law enforcement training division of Krav Maga Boston. To learn more about Blueline Krav Maga, click here.

Krav Maga Boston has been teaching law enforcement personnel defensive tactics over the past 13 years. Not only do we understand the job and the scenarios officers deal with on a daily basis, but also the rules they must adhere by. We took all the authentic Krav Maga training drills, techniques and principles and adapted them for the American Police Officer. This makes Krav Maga Boston’s Law Enforcement Seminars the most practical and relevant training available today.

We offer a variety of training opportunities for Law Enforcement, from 4-hour seminars to 5-day intensive Instructor Certification Courses. We offer courses and seminars on Combatant Control, Handcuffing From a Disadvantage, Officer Ground Survival, Weapon Defenses and Weapon Retention. We can also customize the training for your own individual department or agency.

If you’re interested in participating in or would like to organize a law enforcement seminar, contact us today by clicking here.