Krav Maga Boston is the Massachusetts headquarters of Alpha Krav Maga International.

Alpha Krav Maga International’s mission is to teach students how to earn a black belt in life by providing motivational and inspirational advice combined with cutting-edge self-defense training and nutritional guidance. Our ultimate goal is to teach them how to break out of mediocrity, awaken their hidden hero, and live up to their greatest potential. Anyone who desires real change and is willing to commit to action is a candidate for our training curriculum. Doctors, homemakers, police officers, teachers, troubled teens, battered women, and the average Joe represent only a small group of individuals we intend on supporting.

Since 1998, we have been coaching instructors in proper teaching methods and how to deliver information in a logical step-by-step format. We have a unique certification program for instructors and coaches in all levels. Each school nationwide, affiliated with Alpha Krav Maga International, will incorporate regular intense instructional seminars to further advance both instructor and school owners’ training. Our programs will include financial advice, life coaching, and motivational training for school owners and their instructors.

For more information on Alpha Krav Maga, go to our International Site.