20 Common Sense Suggestions to Minimize Your Risk of Attack

1. If you are uncomfortable in a situation, leave. Use all of your senses to identify threats.

2. If someone is too close, create distance between yourself and the person. Keep your hands free.

3. Do not enter an elevator or closed environment with anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

4. If someone is following you,move to a heavily trafficked public place.

5. Avoid traveling alone at night or taking an unknown shortcut through a less densely populated area.

6. Be particularly vigilant in public restrooms, especially those with free access.

7. Avoid allowing anyone wishing to sell something on the street to approach you.

8. Do not provide any information to strangers especially personal information.

9. Should a vehicle approach, stay away.

10. In a parking lot, walk against the directional arrow to keep cars moving towards you. Keep your keys in your hand and park your car facing out for rapid departure.

11. If someone attempts to grab you, scream and attract as much attentions as possible.

12. When carrying a bag, place the shoulder strap across your chest. Try not to display money or expensive items in public.

13. Do not wear earphones in an unfamiliar environment.

14. If you are lost, approach a public official or enter a store to ask for directions.

15. In a risky situation, it is always a good idea to have an open phone line so that you can summon help or call 911.

16. Not that alcohol and violence go together. You should be aware of closing times of bars to avoid placing yourself in harm’s way.

17. Lock your doors and windows both in your vehicle and at home.

18. Require visitors to identify themselves.

19. Fight with the determination that your life is at stake.

20. Above all, trust your instincts.