Great Reviews for Level One Handcuffing Course

During the first weekend of March, Alpha Krav Maga Blueline Division held a Level One Handcuffing Course at Krav Maga Boston. Officers from several different police departments and a few federal agencies attended this extremely relevant course. The course focused on efficient handcuffing positions, how to get arm control and how to regain cuffing control if overpowered.

Here are some of the testimonials from participants in the course:

  • “The practical, hands-on instruction allows for fast assimilation of the information. Safer subject cuffing in any situation-whether resisting or combative-is a good end to the day.”
  • “Love the straightforward, to-the-point techniques.”
  • “Any officer who is aggressive making arrests should take this course!”

Our next course will be held in Chicago on April 27-28.