Uniforms & Sparring Gear

As many of you already know, our new uniforms are here and in stock. If you have not receive your uniform yet, please grab one so you will have it for your next class.

Uniforms help keep you disciplined while you are training, it alleviates wardrobe malfunctions that nobody wants to see, they are extremely comfortable, we look professional and, lastly, you show support and pride for your school. Please pick up your uniforms and start wearing them to class today!

If you are a Level 2 student or above and do not have sparring gear, you must purchase them in order to participate in class. Sparring gear orders must go through us to ensure proper and safe equipment. Do not purchase it on your own; you may be told you cannot use them.

Be professional and take your training seriously. Purchase the required equipment in order fully participate in classes. If you have any questions, email mail@kravmagaboston.com.