Wellness Seminar (April 6, Malden)

Freedom of movement and flexibility are things we take for granted when we are young, but we tend to lose them as we age due in part to unresolved injuries, chronic postural shifts and poor nutrition.

By using the Tu Nai Technique, Pat Leung specializes in treating imbalanced and tight bodies. Sports injuries, chronic back pain and migraine headaches are just a few of the ailments that she can help.

Many of you have heard Karen and I talk about Pat.  The things she can do for you is amazing and her techniques are very difficult to describe unless you have met her.  We have referred dozens of our students, friends and family to Pat and they rave about how amazing she is!

We want to introduce Pat to all of you so you can see how she can help you with any chronic pain or injury you may have.  She will also show you things you can do you to help yourself.

Pat will be teaching a Wellness Seminar at our School in Malden on Sunday April 6th.  The seminar will run from 9am-1pm and the cost is only $75 payable the day of the seminar.  Pat will explain the importance of body alignment and how old injuries produce new problems.  She will also bring people up for demonstrations where you can witness first hand the power of her techniques.

She is truly an amazing women and words just don’t do her justice.  If you have any aches or pains or just want more knowledge on how to live a healthier life, then join us for this great opportunity to meet one this worlds very special people.

Call or email us to register for this event.