Women-Only Self-Defense Class (Jan. 24, Malden)

Alpha Krav Maga Boston Malden will be running its next Women-Only Seminar on Saturday, January 24. The Seminar will run from 12-2pm and the cost is only $30.

Start your year off right by learning how to defend yourself in any situation. Learn to:

  • Fight from your back while on the ground or against a wall
  • Control your personal space
  • Prevent take downs
  • Use your body and foreign objects as weapons
  • What to do when the unthinkable happens

Register today by emailing us at mail@kravmagaboston.com to reserve your space, or click the “Event Registration” link below to register online beginning January 18.

Please share this link with all female friends, co-workers and family members. You never know whose life you may change.